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Attractions, activities and exciting things to do in Thessaloniki

Discover Thessaloniki’s neighbourhoods through its flavourful food and see all the best attractions!
Thessaloniki offers endless opportunities for fun and entertainment. No matter what your interests are, we’re sure there’s something for you to enjoy. To really get to know the city, step off the beaten path and take a peek at these unique recommendations.

Drink a freshly ground Greek coffee

Greek coffee may be a matter of mystery, one that you should taste if you haven’t had before.

A kafenio (coffee house) is a gathering place where older Greek men discuss life, play backgammon, enjoy each other’s company, and, of course, relax with an elliniko kafe (Greek coffee), which is usually served until late. If you are lucky, you may find a fortune teller specialized in reading all the bizarre symbols forming in your cup.

White Tower of Thessaloniki

Do not miss a visit to Thessaloniki’s iconic landmark, the White Tower and the museum which is  the trademark of the city,  located along the waterfront boulevard.
“The White Tower was built in the fifteenth century after the fall of Thessaloniki to the Ottomans in 1430. At its location there had been an older tower belonging to Thessaloniki’s Byzantine fortifications, where the eastern wall met the sea wall. The Tower was the eastern end of the sea wall; there was another at the western end, and a third in between.

For foreign visitors, the solution of an audio tour in English can be  chosen.

The goal of the exhibition is to “introduce” the city through a summary “narrative” of its history, above all to its residents, and to focus their interest on becoming further acquainted with it by visiting thematic museums and monuments.

The exhibition is organized thematically. Each floor features one major theme, developed over time. The main theme is briefly presented in the central space, with more detailed treatment in the surrounding rooms.

Information taken from the official website

Kapani Food market

Take a walk inside the heart of the city, through the Kapani Food market. Feel the vivid heartbeat, enjoy talking with the merchants, explore the richness of the Northern Greek products, olive oil from Halkidiki, olives, feta cheese and  sweet delicacies, taste ouzo and have some meze assortments.
Do not miss this walk through one of the most traditional places in the historical center.

Taste Bougatsa of Thessaloniki

This is not a pie, this is Bougatsa. From the very first bite you will feel the difference. A crunchy buttered phyllo pastry that encloses a velvet sweet creamy filling or a savoury filling, even with minced meat for the more adventurous foodies.

This is a must snack for a quick breakfast or a midday stop packed with lots of energy and an unforgettable taste.

Bougatsa Image“, by avlxyz
licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0

Outstanding View from the Upper City

This walk is a must during your stay in Thessaloniki.
“Walking up from the city’s center, leaving behind the dense construction and apartment buildings, a different Thessaloniki is discovered, a nostalgic city, something out of the past. On your walk you will pass by picturesque neighborhoods with small houses and beautiful mansions of Macedonian architecture, flower-filled gardens, narrow cobbled streets, winding alleys, squares with traditional cafes and taverns serving delicious local delicacies that will take you back in time and at the end of your path, you will face from above the amazing view of the sunset”
Information taken from the official site “City of Thessaloniki”

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Spend a day at the Archeological Museum

Pay a visit at the Archaelogical Museum of Thessaloniki. From grand monuments to artifacts of day-to-day life, ancient history to current developments… this museum highlights our culture and heritage.

Providing a perspective that traverses time and space, the permanent exhibitions presents aspects of life of the Macedonians from the creation of the independent Macedonian kingdom to the late Roman Imperial era, when Macedonia was a province of the Roman Empire.

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Have dinner at a taverna

Maybe one of the hottest neighborhoods in Thessaloniki is Ladadika, which is known for its high concentration of incredible restaurants and bars. Meticulously cooked Greek dishes and a big variety of traditional delicacies that highlight the great culinary tradition of Thessaloniki will amaze you.